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Doric – Hale an Hairty

Join a cavalcade of characters as they take a ride on that roller-coaster called ‘life’, battling with the human condition and all its ups and downs – mirth and melancholy, pleasure and pain, light and shade, sunshine and rain…

Go on a holiday adventure with The McGregors in Marmaris; share Pauline’s secret concerning the colourful Missus Reed; read about a quest to find love online in Ronnie’s Facebook Fiasco; learn just what Susie’s Slimmin Secret really is; discover who is seeing stars in Donald Gings te Disneyland; find out why Sellin Hillies turns out to be just the change that Jack is looking for…

All this and much more inside… buckle up and enjoy the journey…

Doric - Hale an Hairty
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