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Children’s Fiction – ‘Flumphaderries, Flanganans…..

Flumphaderries, Flanganans and the Real Book of Bennachie is a children’s fantasy adventure where all the action takes place in, on and around the tall blue mountain called Bennachie: one of the North-east of Scotland’s most famous natural landmarks.

The central character is eleven-year-old Kirsty MacAlister who comes from London to stay at Benderrie Manor on the outskirts of Chapel of Weerdee, a small village which stands under the shadow of Bennachie. Kirsty finds a book of ‘old magic’ containing an army of lost, dark souls; two purple-coloured visitors from the planet Derrius; a headmistress, shopkeepers and a pot-bellied pig who are aliens in disguise and a mysterious well that guards the entrance to a secret underworld.

Flumphaderries, Flanganans and the Real Book of Bennachie
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Comments about the Book
"This new book for children of all ages is a wonder-filled treasure trove of myth and modern fable, where reality blurs with fantasy but the truth is never lost. It is such fun to read, that one might overlook the wisdom and insight Deborah brings to her first novel, but children will recognise themselves and the challenges they face, in our heroine's exciting quest.
The language of this tale is part of its charm, with names as fabulous as Peake's and images to challenge Tolkien. Children will be stimulated and enchanted."
Alison Tavendale, Writer in Residence, Insch, Aberdeenshire.

"Deborah Leslie's debut is a bracingly fast-paced fantasy adventure which delivers spooky thrills and chills."
Jake Wilson, Poet.

"In the wonderful world of children's make believe, this truly is a gem - I wish I was a kid again!"
George A. Mitchell, Head teacher.

Book Review by Morag Shaw of the Inverurie Advertiser, Aberdeenshire.
"Weerdee mystery is a must read for kids"
Aliens lost souls and a magic book and key are the essential ingredients of a thrilling children's novel.
And local author Deborah Leslie has included all these in Flumphaderries, Flanganans and the Real Book of Bennachie.
The book is set at the foot of Bennachie, in the small village of Chapel of Weerdee, where young Kirsty has come to visit her long lost aunt.
The pair stay in an eerie mansion on the outskirts of the village and Kirsty soon begins to realise that all is not as it seems in Weerdee.
The youngster soon discovers a strange smelly green mist on the mountain; a room in her aunt's house where there is a constant battle between good and evil and the disappearance of the town's shopkeepers and teacher.
Even her aunt's cat is something else.
The young girl soon gets caught up in this world of good and evil and begins her adventures, which include being dragged into a painting, and a well and rolling about in a moss ball.
This book is a must for all children who are interested in mysteries and science fiction with its many twists and turns in the plot. The book is set in a local location, with made up place names reminiscent of real places in the North-east. Those children further afield will still enjoy the characters and magical story.